How to obtain an estimate?

O U R    P R O C E S S

Free ONLINE Quotation
Upon your initial inquiry we will send a questionnaire based on the type of project(s) that you are looking to have installed by DREAMscape Outdoors.
Once we receive your questionnaire back – within a few days, as our schedule allows – we then work up a ballpark quotation based off of your info. and email it to you.
If we do not hear back from you, we will then do an initial follow up after a few days…
However, when it’s several projects, very detailed, or if the potential client prefers we then schedule an onsite consultation. This is to collect all the information needed to process the quotations on the various project(s).
Paid ONSITE Consultation & Quotation
For an onsite consultation we charge a minimum fee, starting at $50.00 & up. This is based on how much travel will occur & how involved your project is.
(non-refundable unless you move forward with us)
This covers our time to & from the office, consult time, fuel, time to price out materials, & collect all information needed.
This can be paid either check or cash at the time of the consultation and we will provide a payment receipt. (Sometimes pricing can take us several hours)
How it works
Within 1 week of your site visit, we will then provide a email sent detailed quotation of your project outlining the scope of work & various other project details.
When you move forward with our company, we credit the consultation fee to the project(s) price.
When you receive your quote and are ready to move forward – we will then start our design process and create a 3D visual design tailored to your specific project(s).
Once we have this to your liking and you’re committed, we will then schedule and finalize the contract & deposit with you.

Next is the build process when it is your time on our schedule.

Things to know & have for your online quotation
Beforehand please try to have ready your project information details. These are the important questions that will be asked and information needed to process your quote.
What are you looking for exactly?
Length(s) & width(s), linear footage, size of area to be covered.
Is it flat, sloped, rocky, have an existing structure there?
What is the access like? (Ex. Limited = Fenced in, easy access to backyard, pull right up to front)
This helps us to better understand your project and give us a general idea of what to expect ahead of time.
(Also if you have project ideas from Pinterest, Houzz, or other previous projects we have completed this will help!)
What is your allowed price range that you’re wanting to stay within? (So that we know if your project can be built to fit your needs)


7. TIMEFRAME?                                                                                                                                                                                                                    What is your preferred timeframe for having the project(s) completed from now? (Ex. 1-2 months, 3-6 moths)
All of these factors play an important role in the design/build and quotation process of your project. We obtain this info. to speed up the process and provide your quotation to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.
TIME is precious and is something we can not make more of… We value and respect YOUR time and ours.
As with all of our projects “You get what you pay for!” Our work is built with the BEST by the best. QUALITY • INTEGRITY • REPUTATION
Insurance Claims
ALL insurance quotations start at a $150.00 minimal fee and must be prepaid prior to the consultation. They can be paid with check mailed to us before hand when scheduling the consultation or cash upon arrival.
This covers our fuel to and from the office, an on-site consultation to attain photos, measurements, note details, and all acquired time loss while calculating material costs, labor, and all other factors associated for your quote.
What you will get…
Within a few days of our on site visit, we will work you up a detailed and itemized quotation which will be based on our professional analysis for this claim. You will also receive a certificate of our insurance for the insurance company, along with anything else required of them.
We will then email this quotation your preferred inbox of choice.
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