Permeable Paver System

The base and sub base of a permeable paver application are composed of different sized layers of aggregate that filter and direct storm water to the soil below or exit through pipes. Permeable pavers are used as a way to control storm water run off. A permeable paver system does this by collecting water between the pavers joints and, depending on the soil type, the water infiltrates back into the ground or is released to the nearest storm sewer or waterway.

Benefits of permeable pavers (PICP)

Qualifies as Best Management Practice (BMP)
Reduces stormwater runoff / Prevents flooding
Designed to meet government requirements
Allows for more impervious surface area
Allows rainwater to recharge ground
Filters stormwater before releasing
Rainwater harvesting options
Environmentally safe

Permeable pavers aka environmental, or eco pavers are becoming a huge part of the hardscape industry and government is only pushing them to grow. Here’s a permeable pavers driveway installation we installed in Spring Grove, PA.

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