Carroll County Maryland, Gettysburg & Hanover Area Fencing Company

Don't trust your new fencing project to just anyone. Whether it's a vinyl privacy or picket fence, aluminum, estate, pressure treated wood or an agricultural fence, you want it built properly and to last for years to come. Our quality fences our built with integrity, pride, and years of experience so you have peace of mind knowing that it was built right the first time! Any of our many styles of fencing can be built with vinyl pvc, aluminum, pressure treated wood, composite, or any other materials on the market today. Contact us to see what we can do for you today.

Fencing Done Right by DREAMscape Outdoors

We take our time & build them right! No exceptions, or cutting corners, ever!
1. We use an adequate amount of concrete in ALL our footers. (80-100lbs minimum)
2. We level up EVERY post!
3. We CLEAN UP and REMOVE ALL excess soils! (that most "fence companies" try to hide under the rails or dump somewhereon your property)
4. We clean and wash the ENTIRE fence!
5. We take our time to build them right with our 'Done Right process' that we take pride in!!!
(We don't underbid them and rush as fast as we can and half it, to get them done, just so we can make a profit - like 90% of the others in this area do) It then ends up leaning and swaying in the wind or eventually falling over or seperarating...
We build them right the 1st time properly, with quality, integrity, and on budget.

Benefits of a Fence

○ Home Security ✅️
○ Provides Saftey for Children & Pets ✅️
○ Creates Privacy ✅️
○ Establishes Boundary ✅️
○ Increases Home Value & Curb Appeal ✅️

How Much Does a Fence Cost?

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