How Much Does a Fencing Project Cost?

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How Much Does a Fencing Project Cost?

A fence can be a great investment for your property weather you are looking to keep your children or pets safe or just increase the overall curb appeal and property value.

Fencing Materials

Depending on the type of fencing material used for a fence project it will drive or lower the overall cost.
There are many things to consider such as style and height. In a lot of cases there are guidlines in place weather you live in an H.O.A. ran development or Township that will be the dciding factor of what the height / style may be.
For those that live in the country or on a farm, in a lot of cases - the skys the limit! All of these will play a factor in cost weather it be vinyl, aluminum, wood, composite, or custom built.

Size & Length

Another thing to consider is the height, while touched on in the previous subject, the overall height will effect the price of the fence. Oddly enough in a lot of cases smaller sizes that are special ordered materials (meaning non-stocked items to the supplier) may have more cost associated with them.
The length of the fence is another factor that will play an important role in the cost of the fence project. Obviosly the longer or larger area covered by the fence the more the cost.


One of the most important decisions reguarding your fence project is gate placement. It's important to think about the future when planning your fence project, although it may be your first large project in your new home!
If you are planning on adding a pool in the future or some other construction project to your backyard such as a paver patio, we suggest a 10' opening or ( 2 - 5' gates together) to create this adequete space to allow construction vehicles / materials to safely enter through your fence without having to remove it or damage it, then rebuilding it.
If you are planning on a large fenced in area you may want to have a few gates on either side for ease of access, instaed of always walking all the way around.
However, when considering this it is important to know that number of gates add to the cost of the project.


Another thing to consider is the grade of where the fence will be placed. A steep slope or hillside will require a lot of extra pork including in many cases having to cut to size each invividual pickett which can be time cosuming and add to the price factor.


While this may not always be the case, a fence replacement project will cost more than a traditional new fence installation. In a lot of cases the original or new homeowner wants to replace rotted wood or rusting failing chainlink fence with long lasting vinyl or aluminum.
When installing a project like this the old fence needs to be removed beforehand, concreted posts and all. This has to be properly disposed of once removed costing additional time and money.


As with any project, a fencing project is no different with the location of project to the location of our shop. Time to and from with associated fuel costs and inflation all play a factor into the bottom line pricing.

So as you can see there are many factors that play a role in the overall cost associated with a new fencing project, asides with rising inflation. Every properly built fence project is different and is properly priced accordingly to the necessary means to insure a proper and professional installation when being installed by DREAMscape Outdoors.

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