How Much Does a Paver Patio Hardscape Cost?

How Much Does a Fencing Project Cost Hanover & Gettysburg, PA DREAMscape
How Much Does a Fencing Project Cost?
February 16, 2023
How Much Does a Fencing Project Cost Hanover & Gettysburg, PA DREAMscape
How Much Does a Fencing Project Cost?
February 16, 2023

How Much does a Paver Patio Cost?

While there are many nationwide websites who claim to be the expert in what the standard price should be set at, they are wrong! They are articles written by marketing personel for these companies who have no clue of actual cost and overhead of company's that install them. There are many factors that can drive the cost of a paver patio for a company.


One of the first things to consider is the type of paver hardscape product materials that will be used. In addition to the brand, the size, thickness, and pattern of the paver style installed will play a factor into this. For instance a small paver at the standard 2 3/8" thickness may take longer to install as opposed to a larger scale paver style that may cover an area a lot faster. In addition to this the pattern installed may require a lot more planning and thought, depending on how detailed it is.
A paver that is thicker than the standard 2 3/8" will require a greater amount of more soil to be excavated to reach the desired top of paver height.


The design of the patio will also play a factor in cost. For instance if a patio or walkway requires a lot of cuts for curves, that requires extra materials that need to be ordered in order to achieve the desired look and laid out to be cut in. In addition to this the waste pieces will need to be removed and disposed of.


Another thing to consider is the excavation process, type of soil, and base materials. All of this can be effected by limited access as well...
For instance the desired depth of excavation can be anywhere from a minimum of 8" to 19"+ for properly installed pavers depending on if it's a typical standard walkway or patio, permeable paver application, a driveway designed to with stand vehicular use, or type of soil.

Some types of soils may require extra depth to be dug out or need to be modified with a type S mortar or some other type of modification.
In addition the type of paver patio being installed will require more or less base materials depending on the depth needed for that exact patio hardscape specification.


Another thing to consider along with access, is where the spoils will be designated to. While tight access can drive up the price, a fenced in yard that has an opening smaller than a 10' gate access will add to this. Lack of being able to get base materials and pavers to the actual designated area of the patio will cost extra labor and effort required to get the materials directly to the desired area as well as if the area is up or down a steep slope or hillside.
In addition if the grade of the existing ground is greater than a safe slope needed for the patio a retaining wall may be needed to elevate the patio known as a raised patio to prevent erosion and keep it safe. 

Considering if there is a place onsite to loose the excavated soil or if it will have to be loaded up and hauled away to a proper dump site which charges a fee, will also drive up cost with fuel and time to remove the unwanted spoils.


Location of the project is another main factor that will determine the overall cost of the project as with any project. Depending on how much drive time will be involved driving to and from the site each day as well as where it is located in affiliation to the location of material vendors will also play a major factor associated with cost.
Depending on the size of the project the yard or area around the paver patio may need to be repaired after the hardscape is installed. This will also cost extra materials and time for this to be done.

So as you can see there are many factors that play a role in the overall cost associated with a paver patio hardscape project, asides with rising inflation. Every paver project is different and is properly priced accordingly to the necessary means to insure a proper and professional installation when being installed by DREAMscape Outdoors.


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